Resto Druid basics

Section one : Stats

Quick and easy guide

Spirit > Spellpower > Int > Haste until 220 > Crit > MOAR HASTE

Stacking stats as a tree is something fairly easy to do. Spirit is still the god send of trees followed closely by spellpower. Intellect actually comes third now. The changes to the cost of both our hots and the direct spirit to mp5 nerf causes us to actually Oom now instead of the situation in pre bc where we could cast all day without a care.

Now the tricky part comes next. Crit and Haste are both things that while having upsides they in the end do very little. Basically because Nourish is worthless at the moment (I will go into why later). Crit doesn’t scale directly with resto druids in that the majority of our healing comes from hots which of course can’t crit. And the one casted spell we can be using has a built in 50% crit modifier. However, crit does scale with both Swiftmend and your Nature’s Swiftness + Healing Touch combo.

Haste on the other hand scales with your cast speeds of regrowth. However at 80 you will have Nature’s Grace which will reduce your cast speed by .5 every time you crit with a spell dropping your regrowth cast time down to roughly 1 second or so in raids.

At the moment it appears Haste is the superior 4th stat to have as it effects are larger majority of your heals. However this will change with time as gear scales higher, In the future I preditc that in fact crit may become superior to haste especially when Nourish is buffed as it has wonderfull synergy with Nature’s Grace.

Section 2 : Spec

14/0/57 is a regrowth spec that focus on buffing up your regrowth through the glyph and high crit rate. Granted at the moment I see this spec weaker than 18/0/53 because Haste gives a higher return than crit at the moment but this would be a build you could use if you stacked high amounts of haste already.

18/0/53 is a variation on the 14/0/57 build this one picks up Celestial Focus for the 3% haste as the math deeper in the post indicates it drops your haste cap for hots to an incredibly low number allowing you to stack other stats.

11/0/60 is a hot based build that really differs in playstyle from the above regrowth specs, while it lags behind in the direct healing department it does have it’s place in it’s longevity and raid healing capabilities. I am not a fan of the build at the moment simply because regrowth is so powerful but if you like to play more in the BC model as you are an excellent HoT stacker, I wasn’t, then this spec would work for you.

Section 3 : Glyphs

The three (or four) I recommended are

Glyph of Swiftmend – This is absolutely necessary. You don’t need to waste a GCD to reapply your hots and will lead to increased healing since you can swiftmend off of other druids hots and not consume those hots as well

Glyph of Regrowth – I love this Glyph. Some may disagree but frankly I think this is the second best Glyph for resto druids currently. The glyph increases your Regrowth’s healing by 20% if the target has the regrowth hot currently on it. This makes a high crit spam spell hit for even more. And frankly that is awesome for any fight with high single target damage because it is the one area we lack in.

Now while the first two are needed in my opinion. The next two are preferential.

I prefer Glyph of innervate for the increased effect on myself. However, once I reach a higher gear level Glyph of Lifebloom may be better in that I will no longer need the Innervate Glyph for the bonus effect to insure that I reach 100% mana while casting when innervate is active.

Section 4 : Why Nourish is currently not worth using.

Section will be updated as soon as I can get my recount to work so I can post actual math for this. Basically my rough estimates come out too, assuming a straight 1 min spam

HPS: 18% advantage for Regrowth over Nourish

HPM: 11% advantage for Regrowth over Nourish

This is assuming a 70% crit for Regrowth and a 20% crit for Nourish.

Now I am expecting for a glyph of nourish to appear rather shortly. One that would be in the form of the t7 bonus would be brilliant in that it would solve the problem of resto druids not scaling well with gear due to the fact that crit and haste provide little returns after a certain point and that nourish is lackluster.


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